I'm not getting believing anything anymore. 

Nothing's visible if we take it through only appearance, including friendship and love. 


Good friends who you've always thought are capable of betraying you due to tiny misunderstanding, strange jealousy or anything you would never think of.


A close lover who you've always thought is capable of dumping you due to sudden affair, no more endearment or any rare excuse you would never think  of.


The most ridiculous thing is that we're still continuing to go for those who are worthy to make friends or to fall in love with we thought, although it is often a wrong judgement, we are still delighted in it and never getting tired of it. 


When are we waking up from such thoughts? 

What are we waking up for? 

Eventually, we are still hesitating......                      
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愛,想起來太哀傷......To be continued

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